The Definition of Green

The best definition of Green refers to the health impact of what we do on living things. So Green is primarily a health-related issue. This is seen in the fact that cleaning products were the early Green issues. In fact, indoor air quality is a big factor in Green buildings. Sick building syndrome was the result of poor indoor air quality, which is the antithesis of Green.


BK Industrial Finishing, has adapted a totally green Bio-Degradable cleaner for use in their facility.

This product is called HI-LITE SOLUTIONS. Our team uses this product to clean and degrease metals previous to painting and powder coating. This product is so clean we are able to even dispose of the wiping materials without generating hazardous waste.

Industrial Spray Painting

BK Industrial Finishing has used many different types if material such as Po-lane, Urethane Lacquer, Bake Enamel, Urethane’s, Poly Urethane, Latex, and Oil Based. We have been working over 10 years to promote and change over to water-based. A Non hazardous coating with most all of our customer are happy to follow suit. Even Military Coatings used are water-based whenever possible.


BK Industrial Finishing, has promoted the use of recycled materials for its packaging and has created re-usable packaging programs with most of their repeat customers.

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