Powder Coating

Powder Coating helps keep the durability of these objects up, as well as providing a powerful resistance against corrosion. On a battle ship, many objects, such as mess deck chairs, deck plates, handrails, gun mounts, safety net frames, and material handling equipment, can all be powder coated to ensure that it lasts as long as the ship is afloat.

When it comes to the actual restoration of the ship, many things can be done. Many of the hand rails and doors, which are often subject to corrosion and damage, are replaced. Sometimes even the guns of the battle ship will be replaced in order to keep them working. If there is damage, even parts of the hull and walls will be replaced. When restoring a ship like this, it is important to install some of the newer safety equipment that may not have been in existence at the ships building. This will keep the ship up to date with safety codes.

The purpose of the restoration is not only to keep the boat intact and afloat, but also to make it look as it did when it was first let into the water. This means that everything on the ship will be repainted and redone. When painting a ship, there is usually not even a roller involved. The sides of a ship cover a lot of square footage, and painting the ship with a roller would have been like painting the Berlin wall with a piece of hay. For ships like this, industrial painting components and paints are sprayed on. This covers a lot of area in a short amount of time.

The Navy of every country has to keep up with their ships in order for them to be able to protect the citizens. Restoration and repainting is a big part of this. Mechanical checks and work should also be done in order to ensure that the Navy will be able to stay afloat.

Powder Coating is a durable weather-resistant coating designed especially for the general metal market.

Key Features:
Excellent corrosion and humidity resistance.
Excellent color and gloss retention.
Very good chemical resistance.
Weather resistant, especially designed for metal products requiring exterior performance.

g at 2.3 lb/gal VOC without the hazards of flammable solvents.

Key Features:
Excellent flow and leveling.
Excellent flexibility and toughness.
Reduces with water, means considerable cost savings in solvent.
Ideal for use on a wide range of metal products for both interior and exterior application.