Welcome to BK Industrial Finishing, INC.

Here at BK Industrial Finishing, INC. we do quality sand blasting, powder coating and custom spray painting for a wide range of products. We are Military Spec specialists and commercial services to individuals and businesses all throughout the United States.

BK Industrial Finishing, INC. has over 28 years experience in Media & Sand Blasting , Custom Masking, Spray Painting, Powder Coating, Silk Screening, Conductive Coatings, Filling & Sanding, Light Assembly. We specialize in the removal, surface preparation and application of most types of coatings on most types of structures including military vehicles and ships.

BK Industrial Finishing, INC. Go Green Program working with our customers and Vendors to make processes and products used at B.K.I. when ever possible safe to the environment and suiting to customers needs.

Military Specifications Specialist

BK Industrial Finishing, INC. is a 100% approved Military Spec – Specialist. We serviced Military Contracts for all 5 major Defense Contractors which include BAE System, Sanders, Harris, Raytheon and Northrop.

BK Industrial Finishing, INC. provides Powder Coating services to large quantity manufacturers worldwide as well as Military Contracts and Consumer’s items. No part or quantity is too large or too small.

Customers are encouraged to discuss their needs and specifications with our trained personnel. With the correct process and material, Powder Coated parts can be very resistant to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading from sunlight and extreme weather.